The hospitality industry faces a number of key challenges, from delivering a personalized and differentiated experience for every guest, to managing back office requirements around finance business initiatives. More importantly, they face front office challenges of offering real-time business initiatives through enhanced guest satisfaction via mobility, social media and the ever-changing channel distribution systems. This, together with the need for greater transparency and real-time information for stakeholders, means that embracing change and new technologies is critical.

Much of the industry runs on outdated legacy systems and infrastructure, which are expensive to maintain and upgrade, with high-cost business applications and interfaces. In the present climate, innovative IT solutions can only be adopted slowly. Many companies still manage data offline because of poorly integrated ‘best-of-breed’ IT solutions, hampering information sharing across their business areas (customer, operational and financial) that could deliver real commercial benefit.

For an industry that is undergoing such rapid change, the key business drivers of customer relationship management, operational excellence and service leadership while maintaining financial acumen remain intangible.

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