ERP Change management issues may well be termed as a silent killer,  just like high blood pressure is referred to in health circles. A global survey conducted by one of the leading research firms shows that the 2 primary sources of failure as regards ERP projects. One is the not properly defining business processes and the other is insufficient attention to change management. closely followed by lack of focus on benefits realization and poor program management. People issues are a challenging factor in most technology-enabled business transformation projects.

Poor change management can negatively affect even the best ERP initiatives.

ERP success demands that users adopt new business processes, ways of working, communication channels, software tools, and so on. This challenging proposition becomes even more complicated as an organization grows in size.  Even small and mid-sized organizations find change management difficult.

Most companies view change management activities as optional or nice-to-have tasks. However, as many companies realize the hard way in due course, these are critical necessities.

Advice for enterprise buyers: Change management, which includes communications and other activities needed to engage employees, is an essential component of a successful ERP roll out. It’s important to recognize that technology training alone does not address the business process changes that many end users and associates find challenging. True change management encompasses a broader scope.

Many organizations underestimate the need for a comprehensive change management program and suffer as a result. Don’t let your organization fall into that vicious trap.

Is your team new to an ERP which has been implemented in your organization? Change management is a difficult hurdle that every company that implements a new ERP has to go through. To make this hurdle less stressful and experience a smooth implementation and adoption, call Hashtag to find out more as to how we can help you with Change management.

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