Why BI?

Business intelligence (BI transforms complex software and services into actionable data to produce
enterprise level intelligence that depicts an organization’s business decisions , both strategic and tactical.

BI tools explore, provides analytical view of data sets and analytical findings in dashboards, graphs,
charts and maps reports, summaries, to provide decision makers with detailed intelligence about the state
of the business.

How business intelligence works

Although business intelligence does not tell business users what one must do or predict what the
outcome will be, it gives us valuable data to interpret and take decisions. BI is a platform for decision
makers to dig into data and to monitor trends and gain insights.

Business intelligence tools

Organizations now can choose from a wide range of vendors offering BI platforms. Gartner lists and rates
multiple BI and analytics vendors in its 2018 Magic Quadrant report, including Microsoft Power BI,
Qlikview and Tableau as market leaders.

Organizations go on chose a BI platform based on several factors, including the size and complexity of
their operations as well as the type of technology they already have (i.e. SAP, Oracle Oracle, Microsoft—
all of which provide BI platforms).