Ever since Microsoft Dynamics 365 was released, there seems to be a lot of confusion around when Microsoft support for Dynamics AX 2009 and Dynamics AX 2012 will end and there have been even allegations that Microsoft has even changed the support timelines a few times. The fact is Microsoft Dynamics AX support timelines has actually never changed. Microsoft has clearly published the lifecycle information on its support website. However, since there is still some confusion regarding the timelines, I thought I would put together a short matrix that can give you a snapshot of all the required details at a glance.

Product Lifecycle Start Date Mainstream Support End Extended Support End
AX 2012 R3 5/1/2014 10/12/2021 1/10/2023
AX 2012 R2 2/9/2013 10/9/2018 10/12/2021
AX 2012 (RTM) 9/25/2011 10/9/2018 10/12/2021
AX 2009 SP1 11/3/2008 4/10/2018 10/12/2021
AX 2009 (RTM) 8/14/2008 1/11/2011 10/12/2021
AX 4 SP2 7/27/2007 10/11/2011 10/11/2016
AX 4 SP1 12/20/2006 10/13/2009 10/13/2009
AX 4 (RTM) 9/10/2006 1/8/2008 1/8/2008

It is noteworthy in this context that Microsoft Dynamics AX is supported for 10 years from its go-to-market (GTM) release date.  “Mainstream” support is provided for the first 5 years, where customers can submit support incidents and the product development team will continue to release updates to the product.  Once the 5 year period lapses, the product enters a phase called “Extended” support phase, where customers can submit support incidents but the product development team will only release security-related updates to the product. No further development on general hotfixes will be available during that time. However, premium customers can chose to pay an additional amount for a program wherein they can receive hotfixes during that period.

Kindly note that MS Dynamics AX 3 is no longer supported (as of Jan 10, 2012).

For further information about the Support Lifecycle for Dynamics AX, please see the following page on Microsoft’s website: http://support.microsoft.com/gp/lifecycle.

The Dynamics Support services of Hashtag Consulting does not end with the end of mainstream support of Microsoft. Of course, we will continue to support our customers and partner affiliates through our Dynamics Support team and solve problems, carry out adaptations and extensions in Dynamics AX 2009 / 2012 R1 or R2.

At the same time, we recommend considering alternatives for the future. We believe the successful future of companies, lies in the transition to the latest version of the ERP solutions from Microsoft: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Enterprise Edition, Dynamics 365 Business central and moving to the cloud with Azure.

The innovations offered by digitization for business transactions and support are integrated into Dynamics 365. In addition, the cloud-based use of Dynamics 365 offers completely new opportunities to operate within your own business environment.

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