3 ERP resolutions that can serve your ERP initiatives well in 2018.

As we welcome 2018, a lot of people will make New Year resolutions, but most will end up breaking their resolutions, unable to keep them.

From resolving to build one’s healthy, to setting professional goals for success, it’s no secret that keeping resolutions to “do better” is a big challenge.

And It’s much the same for IT leaders and teams that are considering an ERP project.

If you want to really succeed with your ERP initiatives in 2018, keep these resolutions as best as you can:

Resolution 1

Put first things first – People and processes first, technology next

Going live with a successful ERP implementation is very akin to a complex project which is just about to be launched.  It requires intense planning and meticulous execution of the plan, which of course has to be course corrected along the implementation journey.

To keep your ERP resolutions rock solid, remember that preparation starts at the very top, as we describe in a recent blog post, 7 Steps to assess your ERP readiness. C-Level buy-in and directions is of critical importance and the lack of it is indeed a deal breaker. Other steps include building a phase-wise implementation strategy and plan and clearly defining the project team with assigned roles for functional, technical and project management specialists. It is also equally important to detect gaps and inefficiencies in the current supply chain and over business processes in general.

Resolution 2

Invest in Self-education – It goes a long way in your ERP evaluation trek

The biggest ERP failures of the past weren’t the outcome of lack of effort, but lack of self-education on the part of the team who failed to assess the risks, challenges, and best practices associated with an ERP implementation. Fortunately, there are a number of free resources to help educate you on digital and ERP best practices. For example, our cheat sheet on 17 steps to select the right ERP for your organization provides insight into how you can take the right steps to walk the path of success on the ERP terrain.

Resolution 3

Remove the hype – Wipe out all the bias from your ERP selection process

This world is a noisy place. It is up to you to cut through the noise, remove the clutter and filter out only the real stuff that matters to your personal or organizational success. It does not apply any less when it comes to an ERP implementation. On-premise solutions are dead, ERP implementation is your gateway to all company’s problems, ERP solutions can be implemented without much time, risk, or effort. Not even one of them is really true. So, be sure to recognize that most of the industry is biased and that their inputs should be taken with a pinch of salt.